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  1. Hi (PROSPECTS NAME), how's it going?
  2. This is (YOUR NAME) with (YOUR COMPANY) calling you back. You requested some information about working from home. What can I do for you?
  3. Our company is experiencing very rapid growth, and we are looking for a few ambitious people who want to improve their lifestyle and help others do the same. If you feel this describes you, I need to ask you a few quick questions to see if you qualify for my time and our program.
  4. I don't explain the program on this call, for the people who qualify we have a convenient online orientation in place for them to review. Many people claim they want to make money from home. My job is to sort through hundreds of inquirer's we receive everyday and identify the best people in the bunch, and then make sure they get properly trained. So (PROSPECTS NAME), I hope you can appreciate the fact that I can only spend my time with people who demonstrate that they are absolutely serious about building a business and earning a tremendous income, because that's what we teach people to do!
  5. So tell me (PROSPECTS NAME), how serious are you?
  6. Tell me why?
  7. Now of course (PROSPECTS NAME), in any business you have what are called start up cost, and with our company, you're looking at $_________ to get started. Now if you like everything about our program, does that fit within your budget?
  8. If our program completely meets the needs you're looking for Sir/Mamm, how soon are you looking to get started?
  9. (PROSPECTS NAME), for you to have any chance to earn any significant money with our program, you would need to devote at least 10 hours per week in your business. So if everything else about this program met your approval, could you set aside at least 10 hours a week to do it?
  10. (PROSPECTS NAME), we are NOT looking for super sales people. In fact, our company doesn't tolerate aggressive selling. In our business, you will be meeting, and talking with people who all want to learn how to make money from home. Now, do you think you can interview people just like I am doing with you?
  11. Good! Because, this is about as hard as you'll have to work with our program, it's really that simple, and it's very lucrative.
  12. If our program met your approval, would you need to get the permission of anyone prior to starting your business?
  13. Now, what other qualifications do you have that lead you to believe you could actually be successful running your own business out of your home?
  14. Our company has a proven training program and a system, and if you follow that system, you will have every advantage possible to be financially successful, so tell me, are you pretty good at following instructions?
  15. Okay (PROSPECTS NAME), you sound like you might be the kind of person who could learn our business system, but I'm not 100% certain, however I'm going to move you forward to the next step to see if you can qualify there.
  16. This is not an offer and we are pre-screening a lot of people right now, trying to determine the few fortunate ones we will be working with, so it's in your best financial interest to beat the crowd and get online as quickly as you can and go through our orientation. How soon can you log on to the Internet for our orientation?
  17. Grab a pen and write this down, I'll wait for you. Our web address is: again my name is (YOUR NAME) and my number is (YOUR NUMBER). Now spell the URL and read my name and number back to make sure you have everything written down correctly.
  18. Now, depending on what your response is to the information at the next step will determine whether or not we can include you in our training program. (PROSPECTS), I'm ready to teach how to make some serious money, so after the orientation, give me a call back to get all your questions answered. Okay? Thank you for your time and courtesy, good luck and I wish you well.


Absolute Best Way to Get Prospects to Call You back!

This is very simple yet by far the most effective way to get your prospects to call you back. Let's face it, chances are if you do not get to speak to your prospect you will not recruit them into your opportunity. Here is the simple yet powerful script to leave on your prospects voice mail or answering machine. PLEASE NOTE: This script is used by two of the best recruiters I have ever known and we either do or have provided leads to nearly every big leader or top producer in the industry so take this to the bank, simple as it seems.

Say the following...

(PROSPECTS First NAME only), this is (Your first and last name), you were referred to me... My call back number is (555)555-5555 thanks (PROSPECTS FIRST NAME ONLY). THEN HANG UP PHONE. 

This works so well because they will be ate up with curiosity and a much higher percentage of your prospects will call you back. Give it a shot, I think you will be surprised at the results!


  1. Hi (PROSPECTS NAME), how's it going?
  2. This is (YOUR NAME) calling you back to see if you see an opportunity for yourself with our money making program?
  3. What did you like about what you saw?
  4. Do you want to make a little or lot of money?
  6. Are you serious about that?
  7. (PROSPECTS) with the income you have coming in now, are you going to be able to: ____________________ [NOTE: REPEAT BACK THEIR ANSWERS FROM #4]
  8. (PROSPECTS NAME), you have two choices, you can take a chance on this opportunity, and give it your best shot, so you can realize your dreams and goals, or you can continue with your life as it is now and never get ahead like you truly want and deserve. So (PROSPECTS NAME) what's it going to be, are you willing to learn? Are you willing work?
  9. What level do you see yourself getting started with us, as a Standard Member or a Premium Member?
  10. Well, let's get you registered with the company and begin your training right away.


This message is for (PROSPECTS NAME). I'm (YOUR NAME ) with (YOUR COMPANY) calling you back to how you feel about our money making program. Please give me the professional courtesy and return my call to let me know. My direct line is (YOUR NUMBER). God bless and enjoy your day!


Hi (PROSPECTS NAME). This is (YOUR NAME), with (YOUR COMPANY) calling again and I have a dilemma that needs your immediate attention. My dilemma is this: I can only work with a few new people at one time to give them the support they need to get their businesses up and running.

Frankly, right now I don't know where you stand. If you want to be considered for our program, it's important that you call me and let me know where you stand. You can reach me on my direct line at (YOUR NUMBER).


Hi (PROSPECTS NAME). I'm (YOUR NAME) calling a third time to see how you feel about our money making program. Our marketing system has earned a lot of money for many of our team members this past week alone. We have the plan to help you reach your dreams and goals, so call me back immediately to get all your questions answered. If I don't hear from you within 24 hours, I will assume you were not serious about significantly increasing your income, and I will have to scratch you off my call list. My direct line is (YOUR NUMBER). I wish you well.